A Prescription for Paper Cuts

by Solstice Coil

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Solstice Coil's debut album.

The album's booklet includes 16 pages of graphic art by Opher Vishnia, forming a graphic novel that relates to the main concept of the album.


released September 21, 2005

Shir Deutch - lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Ofer Vishnia - lead guitars, e-bow, effects
Shai Yallin - synths, keyboards, piano
Diego Olschansky - bass
Uri Goldberg - drums


Oran Ben-Avi - saxes on 1, 7
Netta Cohen-Shani - cello on 9
Inbal Deutch - female vocals on 7
Hani Barmanski - female vocals on 6
Gil Natazon - spoken parts
Dorin Giladi - spoken parts
Marian Shay - spoken parts

Edited and mixed by Shai Yallin
Mastering by Tali Cuts



all rights reserved



Solstice Coil Israel

Combining the emotional with the intellectual, Solstice Coil is Israel's first alt-prog-rock band to be formed on the web.

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Track Name: Photosensivity
Decisive force must be used
He spoke as people fell to the ground
Truth has been strained for too long
Now the muscles had to burst

Well you seem so surprised
Time and time again
This report has been compiled
From the waters of your friends

"I'm ready to die"
Said the stapler to the trend
Martyrs are so last week
Watch the box to see what's in

Peep holes made to fit one's size
Now that's all we can see
Our eyes are stuck between the cracks
Stop the skid
Revolution popular
The check is in the mail
Credence liquefied
It's so easy to forget

Nod, take our blood, take our blood, only blood, only
Keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, keep growing,
Old, growing old, going bald, staying cold, staying
Cash only, cash only, cash only, cash only,
Save, save our ch, save our cha, save our child, save our
Selves, take our shelves, take our bells, leave this place!

Let me keep the windows shut
Keep the sun away from me
Keep away from the sun
Track Name: Selling Smoke
(In due time, it has turned from an existential hurdle to a human resource)

I've locked myself out
Strands of me everywhere
You brought me here to swap war stories
Where am I?

(Like always)

Leave it open, open
Bugs in the microwave
And I'm sick of searching yellow rocks
Who wants to know?

Yes, it was me hiding down from the spiders
Yes, it was me holding on to the grate
Oh yes, I was here when the world came on crashing
Yes, I'm afraid, you came here too late

(You always deliver
Always deliver too late)

Evil's watering the plants
Fighting world wars with needles
A decimal haste or a desolate place
The rain was made of mercury

Yes, it was me hiding down from the spiders
Yes, it was me holding on to the grate
Oh yes, I was here when the world came on crashing
Yes, I'm afraid, you came here too late

(Silver glazed, mercury rain)
Drop, drop, drop
(Silver glazed, silver glazed)
Drop, drop, drop
Track Name: Deep Child
Played with my troops in the litter box
Hungry sandworms on the prowl
Left me with plastic toys

Raincoats worrying in forests of me
I percolate, oozing through walls
It's guilt that you feel about water
Don't wear it out, with each use it grows

She will soon be protecting my closet
Dismemberment's best friend, the morrow
Forces itself upon my bed

Lorries rushing in and out of my head
Corrected, I stand disfigured a whole
It probably stands to reason, I ponder
They'll sell you a new car smell wrapped in a rock

Played with my troops in the litter box
Hungry sandworms on the prowl
Left me with plastic toys
They'll sell you a new car smell wrapped in a rock
Track Name: Even Poets Die
A line of naked empty faces
Was stacked up in the courtyard
Stripped with shiny matching fabrics
Big ideas, flowing down the drain
Like tasteless grains in the air
They all hoped to make a difference

In a land
Where blind men live forever
Even poets die
When dirt means more to you
Than man
We shall soon all turn to ashes
On your behalf

We were modified at birth
Adjusted to hypothetical borders
Destined to morph
Into someone else's dream
Shine your shoes
Or be locked away
We're just preparing you
For the ultimate surrender
Of your foundations
Track Name: Accidents
This is all I ever wanted
Yet I don’t feel too whole
There’s some dirt between the wheels
I can never find a way
To have them removed

Stock exchange hamsters
They’ve all been offered
An amazingly efficient
Brain diet
A little bit of exercise
Could guide me to the stars

The computer keeps me balanced
Estrogen keeps me alive
And without creativity
There doesn’t seem to be
Any reason
To be

We have special people
That help you move
We'll take care of your malfunctions
And fix you good
Just sit back and let us work
Leave your conscience on this boat

The red carpet
On my skin
Elevates my powdered chin

These marks on my spleen
Force me to get rid
Of the people that I love
Track Name: Enjoy The Ride
I am surrounded by remote controls
The bright white sky is staring back at me
While trying to avoid a programmed path
A staler path cannot be bounced

On my quest to conquer time
I've managed only to drip
Pieces of myself

Collapsing for the dams have broken up
I cannot grasp the river flowing down
I refuse to watch the view go by
There has got to be a way to swim
But I am glued to this thought

While running endlessly to catch some butterflies
I never notice the punctures in the ground
Track Name: Anyone Can Be (A Porn Star)
Sometimes I feel
My only duty in this world
Is passing organic objects
Straight into the sea
Sometimes, I fill myself
With lead

Climb the highest Mountain (anyone can be)
Breach into divineness (anyone can be)
Search for me in silence (what is that I see?)
I have struck gold.

These wires, they go straight into your brain
Information so futile and delicious

I can no longer be
A part of this, Atomization

Drive the fastest car (as long as you feel free)
Drive yourself with luxury (bleed a silver stream)
Break me into pieces (I've completely missed)
Chances are
You're not so far
From becoming what you loathe

You cannot see the foot prints
That you leave behind
In the muddy path
As you are constantly
Looking forward
You never seem to grasp
The error
Of our way
Track Name: Brilliance
Life contains many headaches
Like a stroll in the desert,
Without a map
We're forced to choose
The most pleasant path we can find
Towards oblivion

Don't listen to what they say
Fifty thousand people,
Are wrong every day
For a decaying piece of bread,
Fifty thousand people,
Will stomp on you, every day

Old socks come off
New socks come on
Old socks go to the washing machine
And then return to you, good as new
Until they reach disintegration.

But I -
Have been shone upon
I've traded in my box of broken hearts
For a lifetime supply
Of air

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